Gentle Soul

Welcome to the Gentle Soul website. I am Coran Foddering and I am a Gentle Soul. I live in the countryside of Surrey near Dorking, close enough to the hustle and bustle of London but also near to nature. For me this is vital for that connection to the countryside makes my heart sing.

I use Reiki as a tool to help people find themselves. I work with Tera Mai Reiki, Angelic Reiki or the Inspiration System of Reiki (Reiki of Atlantis) as channelled by Edwin Courtenay. I do though offer so much more than this.

Step into the unknown with me as your guide.

Healing is never an easy task to do on one’s own. It requires a willingness to face the demons within, to look deep below the surface of the waters of emotion to discover the epicentre of … Well, you name it.

You see, we carry two boxes around with us all our lives. The first is our belief box, and the second is our emotion box which contains all those emotions and feelings we would rather forget exist. If we never empty these boxes out, they will get heavier over time. Carrying these heavy containers eventually causes illnesses which we will not recover from until we are able to open those boxes and start to empty out their contents.

We have spent decades filling these boxes with all our emotional and mental rubbish, spent long hours secreting them away in many different parts of our life hoping that they will never come to light and never surface from the depths of our psyche. Hiding from those boxes and what they contain takes an immense amount of energy, energy that could be used for our health.

Everyone we have a relationship with, and this covers just about everybody we come into contact with, provides us with a mirror to reflect some aspect of our personality back to us to deal with. And mostly, that is the things we have decided to hide away in our emotion box. If we were to decide to cover those mirrors by becoming a recluse, never seeing anyone for months or years at a time, would we really evolve as human beings?

On this journey, with me, your Gentle Soul, you can discover yourself again, and so, let the world discover you.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, please do get in touch.

Step into the unknown with me as your guide.