About Us

If you study the background image of this website you will see the chakra flames of transformation. These are challenging like all flames, but these will burn away that which is no longer of use, leaving intact the beneficial, the parts that are supporting you, supporting your continued evolution.

This is our work together. I will guide you through the unknown to find yourself. I will guide you to discover the switch to ignite your own flames of transformation. There is no point in giving you a fish when I can teach you to fish.

The unknown can be a scary place but it does have one advantage. It has the potential to become anything you want it to become. And that sometimes means you just want to stay in the pain of where you are because it is familiar and comforting, known. That is what choice is.

The unknown can though become something wondrous as you face your internal demons, stretch your boundaries and self-imposed limits, let go of past memories and deeds and find new ways of being. Because the unknown is, you can create anything.

I can only go so far with you. You will though, have to be ready to face anything that surfaces. Not an easy task but one that I have experienced through my own actions and willingness to meet the challenge. I have been helped by many people during these difficult times. This is my chance to assist others to become …

In our session(s), I will discuss with you the situations and circumstances that you face and then use Reiki to help you focus on the issue that is most vocal at that moment.

I cannot diagnose or prescribe or suggest you discontinue any medication you are currently taking. I cannot heal you; you do that by your cooperation and willingness.

Step into the unknown with me as your guide.