About You

It is said that we journey until the pain of where we are exceeds the pain of the unknown should we break the shell of the chrysalis. If you are not quite sure what that means then I will explain.

Through life we build a protective shell around us, a crust that acts as a guard to stop others from encroaching in our space; a chrysalis. Life brings us many obstacles that challenge us. Depending on your experiences, your particular chrysalis may be thicker in parts than others. This is because the irritation is felt more on some issues than others.

Blocks or impedances are put in our path so we can grow from the experience. We can navigate around this impedance looking for ways to ignore it, or we can go through it facing it head on, looking back at its bloodshot eyes, daring it to do what it must.

Going through gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge, gain wisdom and gain insight to what that challenge is and to overcome it. Fear is the brake but your willingness is the accelerator. Do you want to continue through life with your foot on the brake?

Your life is really about how you can divest yourself of the baggage you carry for other people. If you were to lose your memory, are you the same person? It is those memories that make you who you are; it is your experiences that shape who you become.

  • Have you reached the point where the pain is just too great?
  • Are you constantly scratching at the inside of your chrysalis wanting to breakout to discover a different world?
  • Do you want to find a new you divested of all the baggage that other people have foisted upon you?

I broke out of my own chrysalis in 1994, floundered in the tsunami of emotion that resulted and stared at the fear that rose before my eyes. I studied and scrutinised with an intention and willingness that astounded even me. The path behind became littered with the remnants of those blocking issues and past torments.

My intention now is to help and guide you in the process of seeking yourself in the noise given off by others in your life and those past difficulties that stubbornly remain.

Step into the unknown with me as your guide.